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Vaizel for anon!

I imagined Vaizel as an ambiguous, mischievous kind of character, you wouldn’t be sure if you want him to be your friend, but definitely not your enemy. Not particularly intimidating but scary to fight against nevertheless. @_@ (also he would be the only empyrean lord that would be brave shameless enough to show up to the battlefield in shiny leotards lol)


I only recently reached 500 followers today, and while I do not usually put much weight on how many followers i gain/lose/whatever I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you all who have shown interest in my work and (often inconsistent) blogging.

(I’d throw in a long emotional thank you message that would go on for a few more sentences but as always too awkward and no idea how to write stuff ; ; sorry, thank you to all followers who stayed to read this post!)

I guess this is a good chance to do an art giveaway, considering I haven’t done any giveaways since this blog was made :)

✦ Rules 

  • You do not have to be following me.
  • All notes count as entries(likes, reblogs, comments) - try not to spam your dashboard too much though!
  • You may reblog as many times as you like.

There will be 3 winners(random selection), who will all receive the same prize : a fanart or screenshot edit of a character of your choice.

All fandoms are welcome, though some games I may not be able to edit screenshots of due to the difference in graphics.

I do not draw furries, or themes that convey hateful/controversial messages. NSFW/guro is ok(it will be posted on my nsfw sideblog)

✦ The giveaway ends at September 30th, and winners will be announced the next day.

That’s about it, go crazy! 8D ❤❤

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for lhyrical.

please do not repost.

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edit for a friend, please do not repost.

i find it hard to be satisfied with my own work nowadays..

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art giveaways i did on twitter

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hair swap!

awkward art style is awkward

i’m not good at this cell shading and sharp lines thing

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b-but how do i aion clothes?????? blehh

finally i feel like sticking hwanseo in something other than inappropriate shit



this isnt relevant but please imagine a sylvari with soft fuzzy peach skin


ah but just imagine how beautifully it would bruise


wear your smile with gratitudeㆍlife is a blessing

inspired by this post

I got a bit uncomfortable and creeped out after reading the description, but then a few moments later I realized this must be the way Hwanseo got his smile, so draw happened.

edit : apparently the description in that post is (thankfully) not true ._. but the image was cool and I still think it’s an interesting idea to use in rp, albeit being fictional.

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and to my english speaking friends : if my replies and reactions seem short and ignorant or just plain uninterested i am sorry, that is not true, there is a 99% chance that i am actually super interested and want to get involved in the conversation more but just can’t find the right words to tell…

haha actually this isn’t limited to my english speaking friends, i am socially awkward as fuck in my own native language and probably a whole lot of korean friends are misjudging me too /facepalm i am sorry ; ;

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